Parish Council Comments on the CBC Proposals

The deadline for comments to the second stage of the consultation to Central Bedfordshire’s Local Plan has now closed. May we thank all those who made their comments known to CBC. It is essential that comments come from the whole community, and not just the Parish Council, for the Government appointed Planning Inspector to take […]

East of Arlesey Proposals in full

Policy SA3: East of Arlesey Land to the east of Arlesey as identified on the Proposal Maps, is allocated for a housing-led development consisting of up to 2000 dwellings and a country park. Development in the Strategic Land Allocation will be permitted in accordance with other relevant policies in the Development Plan and the principles […]

The Overall Local Plan

This Plan seeks to: Build on our existing and emerging economic strengths in key sectors and deliver a minimum of 24,000 new jobs. Deliver around 39,350 new homes through new villages, moderate extensions to existing towns and villages in line with the provision of new infrastructure and to meet identified housing need close to key […]

Response to CBC Draft Local Plan

Fairfield Parish Council has responded as follows to the CBC Draft Local Plan: Fairfield Parish Council is disappointed with the CBC draft Local Plan in many respects not least the proposed relief road for Arlesey passes approximately 100 meters from the FPC boundary. Not only will this bring unwanted traffic noise to the western end […]

Have Your Say

The consultation will be open for feedback from 4 July to 29 August 2017. CBC is requesting public feedback on these options on the plan for growth and how they are to deliver it. there is a need to plan for growth, they are asking for your views on how we deliver it. They will […]