Dog Control Orders

No dogs allowed on all enclosed play areas, on open play areas (which are all signposted) dogs must be kept on a lead . Dog walkers should be mindful when walking dogs, that some children and adults may not like to encounter dogs who are off their leads.  Not clearing up after your dog when […]

Fairfield Lower School

Changes to school places allocation

The building of a second Fairfield Park Lower School has led Central Bedfordshire Council to propose alterations into the way school places are allocated for Fairfield village. Currently the straight line measuring point goes from outside the school gates and is then decided as follows:- The pupil’s home address will be measured in a straight […]

Flies update

Recent meetings between FPC, CBC, Encore and FHMC have taken place to attempt to resolve the problems of flies in the Middlemarch/Hall/Hardy Way area. Encore and FHMC have recognised that their current method of waste collection is a likely contributor to the fly problem and hence are in the process of seeking to cease using […]

Fairfield Lower School

Lower School Crossing Dangers

Fairfield Parish Council and Fairfield Lower School are both fully aware and extremely concerned of the potential threat to the safety of the children attending the lower school and are working together to attempt to minimise the risk to children attending the school. Both parties have been working individually and more recently together to explore […]

Orchard Restoration Underway

Restoration of the two historic orchards is well underway! Highly successful workshops have been held and many trained to do the easy work next year. Qualified fruit tree arborists  have worked on all the trees in the East Orchard and some in the West. If people wonder why some parts look to be forgotten that’s […]