Traffic Lights The three-way traffic light system is due to end today, (Friday, July 13). For the next six weeks there will be a two-way system on the Hertfordshire side of Hitchin Road. If you see a problem that needs reporting, please use the same numbers (the CBC Highways number is 0300 3008308, the emergency […]

Telephone Box Library

Telephone Box Library

The telephone box library has now been delivered and is in situ. It has to be permanently fixed and then fitted out with shelving before it can be used. This should be ready by the end of next week, so the time is close when we will be asking for residents to donate their unwanted […]

Anti Social Behaviour

After a much quieter couple of years, we are once again being plagued by nuisance bikers. There have been numerous reports of non-crash-helmet wearing bikers doing wheelies in Dickens Boulevard and bikers riding their machines along the footpaths to the field adjacent to the Blue Lagoon. We are not kill-joys, but it is important that […]

Community Hall

Parish Council meeting

The next Fairfield Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 7.00 pm for planning applications and at 7:30 pm for the remaining items in Hall 1 of the Community Hall. The agenda and appendices for the meeting can be downloaded by clicking here. Details of current planning applications in Fairfield can […]

Traffic Lights

Traffic Update June 2018

Manual operation of the traffic lights and a major change in their sequencing has seen traffic flow more freely since Monday (June 11). Two Councillors met with CBC ward Councillor Steve Dixon and the CBC Highways Officer to monitor the situation. Since the change to manual operation there has been less delays.Ideas from residents of […]


What’s in a Name?

The parish council is going to submit the suggestion that it be re-named Fairfield Village Council. The discussion arose as part of Central Bedfordshire Councils Community Governance Review currently being undertaken by Central Bedfordshire Council. In Central Bedfordshire we have either Town or Parish Councils. But the law states there can be other names and […]