School Pedestrian Crossing

Justifiable concerns have been raised regarding the non-manning of the temporary Pelican Crossing at the Eliot Way/Ruskin Drive entrance for the new Fairfield Lower School. We have confirmed with Central Bedfordshire Council today (Tuesday, December 11) that the crossing will be manned from 8am to 9.30am each morning and from 2.30pm to 4pm in the […]

Traffic Lights

Police Investigating Lights Failure

The failure of the traffic lights between Dickens Boulevard and Hitchin Road last night (December 5) may have been caused because the lights were tampered with. Police are now investigating the matter, as it has been referred to them after Central Bedfordshire Officers passed on evidence. Bedfordshire Police are also investigating another incident involving a […]

Waiting Restrictions

Proposed Waiting Restrictions Dickens Boulevard

Central Bedfordshire Council has published proposals to introduce waiting restrictions on all four corners of the Dickens Boulevard/Tesco junction. The proposals can be downloaded from this link. The document includes a map of the intended restrictions. Any comments, or objections, should be made direct to them by August 10 either in writing to the address […]


Traffic Lights The three-way traffic light system is due to end today, (Friday, July 13). For the next six weeks there will be a two-way system on the Hertfordshire side of Hitchin Road. If you see a problem that needs reporting, please use the same numbers (the CBC Highways number is 0300 3008308, the emergency […]