Let’s All Walk

Fairfield’s outer shelter belt has never been so well trodden!  We are lucky to live in such a lovely place which makes it so easy to walk.  You can start this walk anywhere, but if you aren’t sure, start at the roundabout at the entrance to the Park and just stick to the footpath until […]

Vital Local Tradesman

Keeping our local traders alive is vital during this period!   The main milk delivery company for Fairfield, Marlow Dairy from Hitchin, also deliver a lot of groceries and other dairy products including eggs could be useful in time of emergency. However, demand is so great they have had to restrict this to milk for […]

COVID-19 Update

We are keeping everyone up-to-date with regular email newsletters. If you haven’t subscribed yet, just follow the links from our home page. The number of volunteers to help those in need during the crisis has far exceeded the number of requests received. Almost 130 asked to be registered but very few have been called upon. […]