FPC Response to CBC Livesey Application for Eliot Way

After meeting with residents On January 7  the parish council made the following comments to CBC on the proposal: Concern regarding the access to the site.  Eliot Way is very narrow, has little in the way of adequate street lighting or footpaths.  Adequate car parking must be provided within the site as any overspill onto […]

Orchard Planning Application

About 60 residents attended the public meeting called to discuss the outline application by P J Livesey for two dormer bungalows at the eastern end of the West Orchard. The meeting heard statements from FPC chairman, Barrie Dack, and Vice-chairman, Phil Mitchinson, before the subject was open to questions from the floor. Fairfield Parish Council […]

FPC Response to CBC on Orchard Application

1.  The site is within the Fairfield neighbourhood plan designated area.  In the results of the survey providing evidence for the plan 95% of the 550 respondents felt that the Orchards should be protected from future development.  This continues to support the overwhelming local reaction to the two previous applications CB/09/05489 and CB/10/02501 (both of […]

Planning Applications for the West Orchard and Eliot Way

Consultation is now closed on the two planning applications from P J Livesey. Both applications are due to be consider by Central Bedfordshire Council on Wednesday, March 30. One application is for 18 dormer bungalows adjacent to Fairfield Mews and East Lodge. Full details of the application can be viewed by following this link. The […]

Houses on Pig Farm

New housing and care home for Fairfield

Revised plans for the former Pig Testing Station have been lodged by the developers to CBC. This follows discussions with the Council who have requested that provision be made for a warden control environment for a section of the social housing. This will increase the number of dwellings to 131 by turning several houses into […]