Road closed sign

Hitchin Road Traffic Update

Hitchin Road re-opened to traffic a few hours behind schedule but in readiness for the weekend. While the five-day closure brought with it traffic chaos, it allowed the groundworks construction teams to achieve projects that will mean that future disruption can be confined to off peak hours and should mean traffic lights will only be […]

Traffic Lights

More Traffic Misery!

Don’t shoot us, we’re only the messenger! But more traffic misery is going to start on Monday September 10 until the end of the month. Crest Nicholson have odds and ends, testing, commissioning etc to undertake on the rising main. There will likely be three way lights in situ from next Monday until the end […]

Road closed sign

Hitchin Road Closure

Residents may feel that they have suffered enough with the traffic lights on Hitchin Road. But on Thursday and Friday, May 3 and 4, evening/nights the road is to be closed from 20.00 hrs to 6.00 am to allow re-surfacing works. Entry to Fairfield will be from Letchworth and Arlesey only during these times. There […]