Remembrance Sunday 2020

This year’s Service of Remembrance on Fairfield had to be reduced, like services across the Country, to a Wreath laying ceremony to comply with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines. The service was not advertised as the guidelines said the services were to be private. There was the Last Post and two brief readings to accompany the […]

Road closed sign

Hitchin Road Traffic Update

Hitchin Road re-opened to traffic a few hours behind schedule but in readiness for the weekend. While the five-day closure brought with it traffic chaos, it allowed the groundworks construction teams to achieve projects that will mean that future disruption can be confined to off peak hours and should mean traffic lights will only be […]

Road closed sign

Important Traffic Information from Monday, December 3

A second attempt at completing major road works involved with the school and new housing development start on Monday December 3 at 9 am and will last all week. Having the Stotfold/Hitchin Road as a one-way through road proved totally unworkable and the works planned for last week was aborted at an early stage. Starting […]

Road closed sign

Traffic Works Cancelled

Due to unforseen circumstances, the proposed traffic works from today (Wednesday, November 28) to Sunday (December 2) has been cancelled and traffic flow will be as per normal. Revised operations for the outstanding works will be notified once this has been agreed by the contractor and CBC.    

Picture of water treatment centre

Anglian Water trace the Noise Problem!

The screeching noise that has blighted many on Fairfield during the past 24 hours has ceased! Investigations by staff at the Letchworth sewage Works have discovered that a couple of connections on the installed pipework were loose and causing a screeching noise as the air was escaping. The velocity of the air going through the […]

Traffic Lights

More Traffic Misery!

Don’t shoot us, we’re only the messenger! But more traffic misery is going to start on Monday September 10 until the end of the month. Crest Nicholson have odds and ends, testing, commissioning etc to undertake on the rising main. There will likely be three way lights in situ from next Monday until the end […]

Telephone libary

Grand opening of Telephone Book Exchange

Roll Up!!!! This Saturday (18th August) at 11am for the grand opening of The Fairfield Book Exchange Telephone Box (opposite Tesco just in case someone has missed it). Everyone is welcome! Why not dress up in your superhero/heroine outfit or favourite character from a book. The best two outfits will win a book token of […]

Telephone Box Library

Telephone Box Library

The telephone box library has now been delivered and is in situ. It has to be permanently fixed and then fitted out with shelving before it can be used. This should be ready by the end of next week, so the time is close when we will be asking for residents to donate their unwanted […]