Anti Social Behaviour

After a much quieter couple of years, we are once again being plagued by nuisance bikers. There have been numerous reports of non-crash-helmet wearing bikers doing wheelies in Dickens Boulevard and bikers riding their machines along the footpaths to the field adjacent to the Blue Lagoon.

We are not kill-joys, but it is important that their enjoyment does not interfere with others’ safety or accepted peace and quiet. Plus, the damage caused makes their actions a criminal offence.

Can we urge all of you to report incidents to the Police via the 101 number – or, in circumstances of extreme danger, dial 999. The police cannot take action unless they are aware that something has happened. Please don’t assume your neighbour or someone else has reported it.

It should be made clear as to who will have to pay to repair the damage being caused. The kissing gates at the end of Brunel Walk look to have been damaged beyond repair and will not be cheap to replace. They are bespoke, which means it will take time for a new set to be built. The cost will come out of the rentcharge paid by Fairfield Park residents. This kind of damage is NOT covered by insurance.