Anglian water Update and latest newsletter

August 4, 2017

Anglian Water are continuing to work on new working practices to eliminate the stench that has blighted lives on Fairfield.

At an update meeting this week, FPC was informed that the three exposed tanks have been emptied and cleaned and that they are now awaiting delivery of the permanent covers and the odour control equipment for these. They will not be brought back into service until all work is completed.

The essential ground work, including pipework and cabling, for the new tanking system that will in future process the sludge is now in hand. At the moment, Anglian Water report that they are up to schedule, but their contractors are working weekends in a bid to complete the work in advance.

Anglian Water have supplied the council with replies to all the questions they failed to answer at the public meeting. These are also available to download from this link.

They have also issued there August update newsletter than can be downloaded from this link.

Last modified: August 4, 2017

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