Nick Andrews

I have enjoyed living in Fairfield since 2006. During this time, I’ve been able to transfer the commercial experience and leadership skills gained running global businesses – including my present role leading an EMEA division of a marketing business, to enhance the operation of our local community initiatives and services.

Presently, I am Chair of the  Community Trust, that presides over the running of the Fairfield Community Hall. This has afforded me the opportunity to introduce locally led initiatives – enriching the lives of young and old, those living with family or in single households amongst us. These initiatives include; ‘Cafe in the park’ (seniors), ‘Rhyme and story time’ (parents & toddlers). As a councillor, I would continue to champion the use of council resources, to develop a breadth of community activities.

I’m an active member of the Friends of the Orchards. I also enjoy meeting and working alongside fellow volunteers at community events such as, the “Fun Run” and the 11th November commemoration.

Core to community prosperity, is investment that promotes better health and wellbeing. Our refurbished Community Hall was designed to promote wellbeing through the newly introduced emergency and ambient lighting, plus the colour and design optimising not only look and feel, but also prioritising safety and inclusivity.My belief is that a strong local community underpins a stronger and more resilient society, and as councillor my priority is to invest our time and resources to foster a more supportive and inclusive community for all.