Amanda Marioni Hunt to join the Parish Council

Amanda Marioni Hunt

Amanda Hunt, well known to many on Fairfield and one of its early residents, has been elected unopposed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Steve Foster.

Nominations closed at 4pm on Friday January 12 with Amanda the sole nomination.

Asked to put her thoughts and a brief bio of herself, she said:

“We moved to Fairfield in 2005 from London in search of a better quality of life. The following year we had our son and my retired parents also relocated here.

I’m proud and thankful for the community that we have all built over the years.

My working background is in banking, having worked for an international bank until a few years ago, when I left to support my husband’s business.

We are exceptionally lucky to live here. I want to do all I can to protect and continue to improve the quality of life for all residents of Fairfield.

I have always taken an active interest in ensuring we continue to enjoy the benefits of living on Fairfield. I was one of the first residents to voice my concerns and act in connection with the sewerage smell. I’m determined to ensure any future issues are tackled proactively, for example; security, anti-social behaviour, parking and surrounding housing development schemes. These areas need to be tackled with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment.

I can assure every person on Fairfield, wherever you live in our Village that I’m passionate about our community. I will do everything I can to maintain and improve our environment and way of life.”