Advance notice of night-time closures of Hitchin Road

Road closed sign

To allow re-surfacing works on Hitchin Road following all the works, the road will be closed from 20,00 hours and 06.00 hours from Monday, February 25 for five nights.

The works will be phased over five nights.

Phase 1: Mon and Tues nights: Eliot Way roundabout northside: No left turn out of Eliot Way return from Letchworth direction. Fairfield Hall, right out only and back via Letchworth direction.

Phase 2: Wednesday night: Eliot Way roundabout southside: No right turn out of Eliot Way, return from Stotfold direction. Fairfield Hall, right only and back from Letchworth direction.

Phase 3: Thursday night: Fairfield Hall south to Dickens Boulevard roundabout. Fairfield Hall left only and return via Stotfold direction. Dickens Boulevard from Letchworth direction only. Eliot Way from Stotfold direction only.

Phase 4: Friday night Dickens Boulevard south for approximately 100m. Dickens Boulevard left turn only, Dickens Boulevard, Eliot Way and Fairfield Hall accessible from Stotfold direction only and return from Stotfold direction.

These phasings will be weather dependant and may be altered if progress dictates. Please be advised by local signing.