Land Transfer

It is almost two years since Hotbed Ground Rents agreed to transfer areas of land to the Parish Council. These areas included the two Orchards, the tennis court, the area at the rear of the Community Centre, and the area that stretches from Kingsley Avenue to Eliot Way and which is designated as the Gateway […]

Beware! Climbing Scaffolding is Hazardous!

Children have been putting themselves in danger by climbing the scaffolding that currently shrouds a large part of Fairfield Hall, the directors of FHMC are reporting. Parents are being asked to stress to their offspring the fact that scaffolding is not only hazardous but they are putting themselves at risk of injury. They are also […]


FPC Land Transfer Proposals

Negotiations are continuing between FPC and the directors of the Fairfield Hall Management Company (FHMC) over boundaries for the proposed transfers of areas of land from the freeholder, Hotbed Investments to ourselves. FHMC’s proposals were given to the FPC meeting in March. FPC responded to them in a letter dated April 21 from chairman, Cllr […]

Middle School Admissions

FPC was shocked and surprised to hear of the lack of places at Etonbury School for leavers from Fairfield Park Lower School. FPC sought a meeting in 2016 with the Central Bedfordshire School admissions team and Cllr Steve Dixon to discuss whether the infrastructure was in place for older age groups.  We were assured that […]

Developer plans

Developer adds shop to plans

Lochailort Fairfield Ltd have notified the council that they are again revising their plans for housing adjoining the new school in Hitchin Road. They are re-submitting their plans to include space for a shop with apartments above. However, a medical facility does not form part of their new proposals. Once submitted, FPC will again look […]